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3500LM LOW 5000LM HIGH


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Introducing the V50 Monochrome Series - a new leader in high-performance automotive LED lighting. With a stunning design and even better performance, the V50 is not your run-of-the-mill LED bulb.

The Goal: Several requirements went into designing the V50; it needed to be the most powerful LED bulb to date, with incredible output and a controlled beam pattern, accurate color temperatures, oh and make it extremely reliable too. We nailed it!

Beam Pattern: The ultra-thin 1.5mm Copper Core PCB provides a near back-to-back mounting surface for the HP 3570 chips, resulting in the most focused, crisp beam pattern ever produced by an LED bulb.

Output: This is the first true dual-output high/low LED on the market! All others only change the chip placement to align with the high beam filament location. The light doesn't get brighter; it only changes the beam pattern. Instead, we increase the current to the high beam chips at max output to give you the best visibility possible. The low beam output is designed for open reflector applications, so it will not blind oncoming traffic.


  • Outstanding 5000LM high beam and 3500LM low beam output.
  • Ultra-thin, 1.5mm Copper Core PCB for optimal light output and a focused, crisp beam pattern.
  • The HP 3570 chipset features higher output with less heat. It also has a dedicated thermal pad for direct transfer from chip to PCB.
  • Dual square copper heat pipes significantly increase contact surface area, enhancing efficiency in thermal management. Enhanced conductivity and superior thermal efficiency with a copper-plated internal heat sink.
  • 12000 RPM Whisper Flo fan with a near-silent 55 dB operation.
  • Over-molded wiring effectively isolates electrical components from the elements, leaving no base types or connections overlooked.
  • Chrome-plated stem virtually disappears inside the housing, blending perfectly with the factory reflector.

5K and 6K color temperatures are most suitable for roadway use and provide ideal conditions for the human eye: Drivers enjoy greater contrast and tire less quickly. Along with their high-efficiency level, LED headlights also offer significant benefits in terms of safety and comfort. 6K light resembles daylight and hardly causes eye fatigue – especially in the dark and adverse weather conditions. In addition, LED headlights offer a longer visual range than xenon headlights.

Because both 5K and 6K perform extremely well, it ultimately comes down to personal preference. 6K offers a more luxurious or high-end look, whereas 5K offers a more OE factory look. 5K is pure white (best match to factory LED parking and DRL lights), and 6K is white with a tint of blue.



This product comes with a 3-year warranty supported by VLEDS. We do not require the product to be shipped back to us. Improper product installation, as well as any system components or wiring modifications, will void all warranties. See our full Warranty Details for more details.

What's Included

2X - V50 Monochrome Series bulbs with external drivers


Fitment: The V50 is smaller and easier to install, ensuring a perfect fit and superior performance. Installation is simple with its plug-and-play design and super small in-line driver. The clever multi-position collar design allows for proper indexing and a perfect beam pattern.

Efficient: Multifunctional thermal management is achieved by utilizing dual copper heat pipes and a copper-plated heat sink inside the 6063 machined aluminum shell. Heat dissipation is managed with the near-silent Whisper Flo high-speed turbo fan spinning at 12,000 RPM!

Esthetics: The Chrome-plated aluminum stem virtually disappears inside the housing, blending in perfectly with the factory reflector.

Waterproof: The over-molded wiring effectively isolates electrical components from the elements; we left no base types or connections overlooked. You'll never have to worry about failures due to corrosion!

More Information
Base Number H4
Series V50 Monochrome
Output (Each) 3500LM LOW 5000LM HIGH
Current Draw @ 14.4V 2.6A/3.8A
Operating Voltage 8-18V
Light Source HP 3570
Chip Quantity 12
Driver Style Constant Current
Contact Material Flat Nickel Plated Copper
Compatible Bases H4, 9003, PR3t

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