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PWM Dimmer Plug and play kit that creates additional ambient lighting with any Tundra footwell kit when the parking or headlights are activated.

Low Mode Using the provided harness and fuse circuit tap, any 2 or 4 light footwell kit can be dimly lit in LOW mode. Simply plug the fuse tap into the parking circuit in the fuse panel under the dash and ground the ring terminal to a metal stud. This mode is adjustable and is by default set at the lowest setting.

High Mode In a standard installation the high mode is powered through the HIGH input connected to the factory footwell light. This overrides the LOW mode when activated.

WP Style Plug and play with any 2 pin waterproof connectors that are used on our WPB, POD, or BAR_21 lights
Bullet Positive Connects to provided fuse circuit tap
Ring Terminal Ground circuit using 1/4" ring terminal
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1x PWM LED Dimmer
1x Small Screwdriver
1x 12 Inch Wiring Harness
1x ATM Low Profile Fuse Circuit Tap
1x 3M LSE Mounting Tape
3x Zip Ties

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