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VLEDS to Release a Revolutionary New Automotive LED Light Bulb

World's Brightest Universal Multi-Application LED Bulb. The V3 Triton may very well be the most advanced LED bulb of all time.


VLEDS announces the worldwide release of the V3 Triton (https://www.v-leds.com/page/V3TRITON.html), the world’s first, multi-application, adjustable, automotive replacement LED bulb. A revolutionary design that combines the best in LED technology, style and functionality. Meet the next generation in LED lighting technology, the V3 Triton. “Our goal was to make an LED bulb that fits most any housing and socket type, then make it adjustable, and brighter than any other bulb on the market,” said Jake York, President/CEO, VLEDS. “Throughout our company, we’ve always strived to give customers the best possible products with the highest performance on the market. The V3 is truly a testament of that goal.”

Performance and Functionality

Whether it’s for safety, energy efficiency, or just looking cool, consumers want the latest and the greatest. The V3 raises the bar for automotive LED replacement lighting. For the first time ever, customers can enjoy brighter turn signals, brake lights, reverse lights, and DRLs. The universal interface system ensures ease of installation and use in a broad range of vehicles and applications.

Aptly named, the V3 Triton features 3 powerful 3W Philips Rebel Luxeon LEDs that deliver up to 600lm in output. “We optically engineered the lens to create a perfect beam of light that can be dialed in to the lamps reflector via its exclusive adjustable feature,” says York, “The V3 was designed for consumers looking for the best and most powerful LED replacement bulb money can buy.”

Lighting for Life

The universal design also allows for installation in nearly any application. This means the bulb can be moved from one vehicle to the next. VLEDS also designed the V3 with longevity in mind. The innovative heat sink structure provides adequate thermal management for the most demanding situations. Unlike many other LED bulbs on the market, the V3 withstands continuous on times in high mode. Whether you’re on the brakes in traffic, or using it in a DRL application, the V3 powers on without compromising performance and lifespan. With an estimated 50,000 hour life expectancy, the V3 will be a part of your life for years to come.

Pricing and Availability

The V3 Triton will be available in Red, Amber, White and 6K White/Amber Switchback. The V3 is available for Pre-Order at VLEDS.com. Pricing starts at $99.99 pair.


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