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Why You Should Make a VLEDS Account

There are many advantages to creating an account before placing an order. The most noteworthy are listed below:

  • Easy Order Tracking - After placing an order your recent orders will show up on your Dashboard. After the item has been shipped you will have a clickable link for the tracking of the order. This means you won't have to dig through your email inbox to find your shipping notification.
  • Order History - All past orders are kept on your Dashboard for easy access in the future. This makes warranty claims easier and allows for easy reordering if you need to buy more of the same products.
  • Saved Cart - Items placed in your cart while logged in will be saved so you can come back and finish your order later.
  • Faster Checkout Process - Instead of inputting your billing/shipping information every time, this is saved so that checkout only takes seconds instead of minutes.
  • Ability to Review Products - Only registered users can review products on VLEDS due to issues we have had with spam.

We highly recommend that anyone that purchases from us make an account and always place orders using the account. Unfortunately if you do not make an account when you place your order we are not able to assign the order to an account afterwards.

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